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Creative writing

On Being a Writer

I’ve been a writer and editor nearly my whole life. Like Wonderland’s Alice, my very favorite phrase has always been, “Let’s pretend!” I wrote and directed my first play for my 4th grade class, something about a band of green-skinned aliens, as I recall. I excelled at writing all through...

Morongo Basin Original Penny Wurst

Penny Wurst, our premier Morongo Basin Original!

One thing the Artists LeFey have appreciated so much since relocating to the Morongo Basin a couple years ago is the social consciousness exhibited in so many unique people here. We appreciate and admire those who confidently express their individuality and fearlessly support the rights of others as worthy equals....

SoFonda and Butch LeFey

SoFonda news: DQSH and more.

“The Scrummy Bits of SoFonda LeFey” at the 2019 Hi Def Fringe Festival in Joshua Tree Hello, friends! We’ve been spinning round here at Shangri-LeFey Studios most of these past 6 months or so, trying to cope with our changing world and circumstances, like all of you. I had just...

The difference is

The difference between us and them

I had a deep conversation with my daughter last night. She was watching footage of the Minneapolis riots and couldn’t understand why a mob of people would behave so. She’s intellectually challenged so it was a stretch to explain, but she does understand injustice and being bullied. She understands, sadly,...

White is not a skin color

There is only one race

Enough is enough is enough! The persecution and discrimination that some humans inflict on others based on the pigment in their skin is utter BULLSHIT. There is no acceptable reason and no longer any excuse of ignorance for people to perpetuate any notion of racial superiority. It’s really time for...

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