Linda Alexander Radak

What has fangs and horns and goes “Ho. Ho. Ho?”

Yes! It’s that time of year: jingle, mistle, golden rings! All those traditional Christmas trappings, familiar and safe — but wait! There’s something rotten under the tree that\’s never been seen before… It’s the new and final revision to a Gilda Shedstecker Presents! Yuletide twist. Opening December 8th at the Kathleen Howland theatre, it’s Hell, …

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Gilda Shedstecker is Twisted & Shouting!

Oh, yes, it\’s been a while coming, and here it is. It\’s like Comedy Central when some of our Gilda Shedstecker Presents! players in solo action steal the spotlight. Happy New Year, our first production of 2016 is a party for our audience, our friends! When I directed Tammy Zinkhon Hyde in the one-woman show …

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Hell with the Holidays

Ah, it\’s that time of year: the often trying occasion of getting together with family to celebrate the holidays! With the accumulating pressures of decorating, shopping, and planning, who has the energy left to endure yet another assemblage of those people who are by accidents of birth, relatives. Welcome to Christmas with the Holiday family! …

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It takes a family

This past weekend we opened The Lightbearer by Shane Riggs, and it\’s been an exceptional experience. It\’s a perfect example of why Gilda Shedstecker Presents! is more than just doing theatre for us. This cast has had a wonderful rapport, expanding our family with a friend we\’ve been courting for our stage, performed an amazingly …

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